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We are introducing a new feature on this website: updates from the 2018 State Legislature. There have been several eye-opening bills proposed this session and we need to stay on top of our representatives. We can have a larger voice in supporting or opposing legislation at the State level than…

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Report on 2018 WY Environmental Legislation

Just in from the Wyoming Outdoor Council: Thanks to your action we have a lot of successes to report from the first week of the 2018 Wyoming legislative session! ———————————  THE GOOD NEWS  —————————— SF 67, Wyoming public lands day, was successfully introduced with a strong vote of support (28–2). Sponsor Sen. Leland Christensen did…

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Plan to attend the Park County School District 6 Board Meeting, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 6 P.M. We have over 370 signatures on our petition in opposition to this policy but we need you to show up and speak out. Public input will be accepted before the Board votes. Please attend…

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Say NO to the immigration prison in Uinta County!

This upcoming Sunday and Monday (Feb 11 & 12) is the beginning of the Wyoming Legislative Budget Session and we need all of you to come and start the conversations with legislatures about the proposed  immigration prison in Uinta County! Our info sheet is attached. We’ll have this for you…

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